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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Understanding the complexities of financial reporting requirements, where to find your potential clients and how to market to them and being able to develop viable strategic plans to let your business rise to the top of your field is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing your business

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Business Services

No one is an expert in everything! It makes good business sense to ask for help instead of trying to struggle through alone. Our industry experts bring years of experience to make your business shine, leaving you to concentrate on the areas you love

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Course Author Opportunities

Are you a professional wanting to share your expertise? Do you have a course you want to write but not sure how to create or promote it? At Advance Skills Training we are always looking to add exceptional course authors to our team and want to hear from you

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- Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Options -

Business Planning and Management


The business world is complex. Having a better understanding of the day to day operations lets you create more efficient and effective work practices to improve customer satisfaction and grow business

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Compliance and Risk Management


Every business or organisation, large or small, has compliance and risk management requirements. Failing to meet them can lead to missed opportunities and lost business that you can't afford 

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Sales and Marketing

Marketing Matters! Your marketing plan and strategies dramatically affect your sales, it can be the difference between success or failure for your business

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Building and Construction

Growing your skills will lead you to expanding into Trade Contractor, Site Supervisor and Foremen roles making it a step to becoming your own boss.

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Professional Development

It could be for a career goal or a desire for knowledge, professional development training keeps you up to date with current trends and develops valuable new skills

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Leadership & Management

There are leaders and then there are great leaders! Learning to motivate and empower your team creates a positive culture and improves workplace efficiency.

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Project Management

Project Management skills are always in demand. Knowing how to plan and lead projects within deadlines and budgets is something needed in all industries

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Human Resources

Employees are the most valuable asset in any business. Understanding how to hire and manage the right staff shapes the landscape of your workplace.

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Financial activities are part of everyday life in business. Without a general understanding of financial transactions , budgeting and reporting you could be missing valuable opportunities.

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Files and reports can only tell you so much you need a more personal connection. Good communication skills let you build relationships with your team mates and clients.

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